Brian Darragh


Code Expert Canada

With 31 years in Oil and Gas including 10 years in Heavy Oil, 22 years working with SAP, an MBA in Operations Research, a Master's Degree in progress in eForensics, a BComm in logistics and 4 SAP certifications Mr. Darragh is uniquely qualified to talk about Oil and Gas business processes supporting Heavy Oil and ERP systems.

Mr. Darragh is focused on achieving landmark changes in the improvement of business processes for Oil and Gas through the exploitation of technology. He is specializing in business process predictability management and believes we can achieve fundamental shifts in our business process management capability through visibility and improved understanding of what we see in our information systems. Using advanced Process Mining tools and techniques coupled with rapid deployment concepts the cost of delivering major business process improvements can be dramatically reduced achieving substantial process efficiency and dramatically reduce the costs of doing business.

Mr. Darragh founded Code Expert Canada Ltd. in 2010 and is partnered with Fujitsu to bring technological solutions and advances to the North America market. Partially funded by the Government of Canada Business Development Corporation (BDC) and with offices in Calgary, Alberta, Code Expert is well situated in the center of the Canadian Oil and Gas industry.



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